February 14, 2019 - 12:00 pm


Join us on Thursday, February 14th for our February ECMGMA meeting.  This event is held at the Hancock Whitney Bank on Creighton Road.

This month, our sponsor is Brad Schild with Hancock Whitney Bank.

Our speaker is Leah Seacrest, co-owner of Regymen Fitness Pensacola.


Leah’s philosophy is quite simple:  JUST MOVE.   She doesn’t discriminate how you do it.  Just move.  Whether you like to cycle, run, row, paddle, lift, stretch, or dance it’s about loving what you do, to become a healthier you.

Leah’s background in the fitness industry has equipped her with the knowledge of how to develop and build a place where people of all walks of life and abilities are able to become better, stronger, and healthier.  With a focus on team building and fitness community development, Leah prides herself in the relationships she builds within a group.  Accountability and friendship serve as a game changer for many when it comes to staying motivated.

As a certified group fitness instructor and trainer for over 25 years, Leah serves as a brand ambassador for Yoloboard, Bomber Eyewear and Garden of Life and also as an athletic contributor to Boarders Magazine and health and wellness contributor to Bella Magazine.  Additionally, she develops content related to SUP fitness and travels as a World Paddle Association Instructor and a Stroops Master Trainer.  She is the co-owner of REGYMEN Fitness Pensacola, owner of Yolo Adventures Pensacola Beach, the REGYMEN Corporate Director of Technology and a part of the REGYMEN Fitness Corporate Fitness Design Team.  When not teaching or designing content, Leah contributes as an advocate in making her community a healthier place.

Leah’s vision of REGYMEN Fitness and Seacrest Fitness Company is a place where people can come not only to exercise, but to improve themselves physically and mentally.  A place where they can step outside of the box and try something new.  A place where they are part of a family.  A place where they can source motivation to be a better version of themselves.

‘She will be speaking to us about how to de stress in your office, and ways to stretch and exercise while at work.  She will alps talk about why exercise is so important to maintain a healthy life.

Bookings no longer allowed on this date.